Happy Hours…with Pincushions and Needlecases!

Give me a blustery grey day, beaten with steely rain and my cabin haven.

Give me warmth and light and my tactile, textile treasures, a parcel of time all my own and I am Home. In my element – or one of them – the other’s water…

And this was my gift on Friday, when I had the company of my two good friends and we pottered and sewed and laughed like kids, and we Made Stuff. Or rather Sharon and I did, and Ruth facilitated, pressed, prepped, unpicked because I was on a roll and she’s good like that…Sharon whipped up the tiny pinweel pincushion fronts, I cut backs and did the stuffing, and of course then there were button wars as to what I was allowed to choose, but such sweet results!

Christmas is coming, and I do love to make little gifts for my dear ones, and I thought, maybe I could make some extras and put them on Sunflower Fabrics website, I could make a new category and call it “Hand-made Gifts for Special People” – or something – because not everyone can find the time to make gifts…

I made this pincushion a bit bigger, and the needlecase to match. I’ve had this fabric for years, once lined a lovely old battered leather suitcase with it, and now I’m down to may last few treasured snippets…

I used some lovely grey woollen felt for the needle-book pages, and crinkle- cut the edges with a pinking rotary cutter. These little items take surprisingly long to make, but it’s a lovely way to spend an hour or two. The fiddliest bit is the top-stitching behind the closing loop, I really had to really wrestle with it.

They will wrap very nicely for a stocking filler for someone. If I can actually part with them!

Lovely apple green rosy combination with some beautiful textured check, creamy white wool felt inside…I foundation pieced this pinwheel, and stitched the button on by machine through just the top layer, before stitching on the backing and turning it through for stuffing. If I’m going to make these to sell at an affordable price, I’ve got to streamline the process somehow! The fabric requirement is tiny but the time – well, you all know how time consuming it is to make things with a good finish on them…

Last picture in this blog, two little sweeties made in some of my favourite fabrics, French General by Moda, something Sunflower Fabrics always buys. Ruth fussy cut the little strap for me to make the most of that signature selvedge pattern they like to print, lovely touch, non? A cunning plan is formulating in my mind, for some special treasures I have and a story, I am hatching out something quite unique, I’ll keep you posted…

But for now, I’m stranded in the cabin, warm, but with no coat and the rain is really hammering down on the roof…where’s my breakfast?!
The desire for some hot coffee and a bowl of muesli must surely force some sort of bravery!
Have a brilliant Monday folks, and a great week to follow. You know what I’ll be up to , I’m on a roll with these little dudes!

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  1. These are just so tempting but under no illusions about how long they took to make! Your cabin sounds like a wonderful place…a real happy haven😊X

    1. Ooh, Well I got them online today, and enjoyed the whole journey so much I’ll be cooking another batch at the weekend! Love to you and Myra x

    1. Thank you Estelle, that’s a great idea, I will do some planning on workshops today and upload it later. Are you near enough to Bedford to consider joining us?

  2. Beautiful projects are always a treat…we did have fun making these, yes. Pincushions and good memories made.

    1. Yes, and little things are very pleasing! Going to try some book-covers at the weekend, and also, little pot-holder blocks from scraps, quilt as you go for speed! Have a great weekend! xxx

    1. Would you like to visit? I have a class this morning if you would like to join us, it is £12.50, 10 – 12.30 and it’s “Work in Progress”. Have you something to bring, or would you like to start something new? Kind Regards, Maggie.
      ps, I have other other opportunities next week…

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